Sunday, 18 September 2011

Fiddling while the arctic melts

No matter how grave the world economy is, how poor the state of the Eurozone might be or the fact that the neo-cons continue to try to pursuade the country that it is broke and there can be no more public services, we must not forget the fight that will hurt us all far more.

Climate change continues unabashed. The arctic ice melt continues to break records - this year looks to be the second lowest coverage on record after 2007. NASA have recorded the third warmest summer on record (globally) and CO2 is rising steadily by 2 ppm each year, topping 390 in August. Contrast the 390ppm with the 350 campaign - we are 11% over safe levels and rising.

Does our "greenest government ever" give a damn? Nope. They are still trying to figure out how the macro-economic mess can ensure that that they feather their own nests. The prime minister can't even be bothered to pay for his cat's upkeep and makes his staff pay for it so why should we begin to think that he gives a toss about the rest of us?

The economy is a social construct, it can be easily fixed. The climate is not and needs to be protected. Cameron, Clegg, Obama etc. get a grip or get out!

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