Saturday, 24 September 2011

European drugs used in Troy Davis execution

This is from Reprieve following the Troy Davis execution using drug manufactured in Europe calling for people to write to their MEPs:

Amid all the condemnation of the appalling execution of Troy Davis last night, it is important to remember that Europe too has been complicit in US lethal injections, and will be again unless our representatives act.
Troy Davis was executed using drugs produced by a firm headquartered in Denmark. Previously, US states including Georgia have used barbiturates imported from Britain to carry out lethal injections. American prisons have also attempted to buy execution drugs from Italy; and the US Commerce Secretary recently asked the German Government to ‘help out’ in providing them with sodium thiopental, traditionally the first part in the three-stage execution ‘cocktail’.
Some of these requests have been refused. Firms like Lundbeck have taken action to prevent their drugs from being used in executions. The British Government has introduced export controls on some (but not all) of the drugs which are either being used or have the potential to be used in lethal injections.
However, US stockpiles of these death drugs are now running out, and we know that US prisons are looking to Europe for their next fix. That is why it is essential that the European Commission acts urgently to introduce EU-wide export controls on drugs which can be used in executions, to ensure they don’t fall into the hands of those who would use them to kill.
Write to your MEP
If you want to help, please write to your MEP to ask them to back a resolution on this issue, and bring to bear what pressure they can on the European Commission to act now.
You can find out who your MEPs are and write to them by typing your postcode into the box below. There will be several who represent the region in which you live, and you can use this application to write to all of them at the same time, or to each individually.
Please write to as many of them as you can to ask them to sign the Written Declaration on the export of drugs used for the death penalty in third countries (0029/2011). As the window to sign the Declaration closes on 6 October, we would ask that you contact your MEP as soon as possible.
Letters to politicians are much more effective when you write in your own words rather than using generic text, as it lets your representatives know how important this is to you. We've prepared a sample letter that you can use as a guide for your message, but please don't copy the text as your message will be blocked and will not reach the intended recipient.

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