Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bare faced lies

Just watched Cameron on the news saying: 'Now you've got the Royal College of GPs, the Royal College of Physicians, the nurses, people working in the Health Service all supporting the changes we are making.' as part of the debate on the Health Bill.

David Cameron clearly lied to parliament. Ed Miliband failed to challenge his statement and simply suggested that Cameron was on a different planet. Depressing stuff, especially having Prime Ministers who are so comfortable lying in Parliament - but then he is hardly the first...

This is from Pulse:

The PM's claim comes after Dr Gerada joined the heads of the BMA, Royal College of Nursing and other health unions in signing a letter to The Times which warned the reforms could ‘destabilise the NHS'.
Following Mr Cameron's comments, Dr Gerada said: ‘To reiterate our position; the college supports putting clinicians at the centre of planning health services. However, we continue to have a number of concerns about the government's reforms, issues which we believe may damage the NHS or limit the care we are able to provide for our patients. These concerns have been outlined and reiterated pre- and post-pause.'
‘As a college we are extremely worried that these reforms, if implemented in their current format, will lead to an increase in damaging competition, an increase in health inequalities, and to massively increased costs in implementing this new system.'
The Royal College of Physicians also released a statement, saying they also would like to see changes to the health bill as it stands.

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