Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Live Exports from Ramsgate - CIWF

Good to see solid support against the live exports through Ramsgate:

Compassion in World Farming - Ramsgate Latest
Protestors at Ramsgate Rally

Dear Stuart,

Hundreds unite in Ramsgate to protest against live exports

On Saturday 13th August the people of Ramsgate were joined by Compassion supporters from far and wide in a fantastic show of unity, as hundreds turned out to protest against the live animal export trade.
Following a march through the centre of Ramsgate, a rally was held overlooking the port from which young calves and sheep have been regularly shipped since May. Campaigners heard passionate speeches from Joyce D’Silva, Compassion’s Director of Public Affairs, and local activists including Councillor Ian Driver and Ian Birchall, Chairman of Kent Against Live Exports.
Ramsgate rally

As these pictures from the day testify, there can be no doubt over the strength of public opposition to this needless and unnecessary trade.

The support for our One Way Ticket campaign has been truly inspiring

Over 43,000 emails have now been sent to elected representatives asking them to oppose live exports, and almost £23,000 has so far been donated in response to this campaign. These generous gifts will help us to maintain local, national and international pressure on this critical issue for as long as it takes.
And important progress is being made. As a result of your emails, we have already received positive responses from MPs and MEPs stating their desire to strengthen legislation to help end long distance transport of animals. And just last week, following their unanimous vote on this issue, Thanet District Council called on the UK Government to take the lead in EU negotiations on journey times for live animals.
So thank you very much to everyone who has taken action for animals, came to Ramsgate, or made a donation to help us continue our vital work.
The message is getting out there – but there is still so much more to do. Ending this needless trade from the UK will be the first step – but recent investigations have highlighted the widespread neglect and horrific suffering of animals transported around Europe, and further afield.
We will not rest as long as any farm animal has to endure the horror of live export.
If you have not already done so, please ask your MP and MEPs to stand up against the long-distance transport of farm animals, or if you are able, you can support our ongoing work with a donation.
Together we can end the suffering of farm animals.
Thank you,
Philip Lymbery
Chief Executive

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