Friday, 5 August 2011

Letter from a friend

My friend Joan Langrick has sent this to a couple of national papers:

If there is one thing this past year must have taught us, it is that we live in a very fragile world and no, I am not simply referring to the climate change. Rather it is the harsh, reality that nothing can be relied upon. For who could have anticipated the nuclear disaster in Japan, that we would be fighting another war, the Arab Spring, and the continual downward spiral of practically every currency, including the mighty dollar? This time last year many thought nuclear power was safe, that we had an ample defence budget, that oil from the east, although expensive could at least be relied upon and that somehow those clever economists would solve the world's monetary woes.

However, truth to tell we exist in a slash and burn society, whether it be slashing the budget of those most vulnerable to the bone, our natural resources, or the aspirations and ideals once held by us all. Maybe it is time we acknowledged the power of nature and worked with it rather than against it. Maybe it is time to encourage growth in small businesses which are struggling to survive, instead of simply allowing huge predators such as the multinationals or burgeoning supermarkets, to devour them. Maybe it is time we seriously looked into how the Green Party would tackle these problems and then voted for them next time around. Unless, of course, we are happy to have slash and burn policies continue until our whole world is destroyed Just a thought.


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