Sunday, 21 August 2011

Couldn't give ATOS

Carer Watch's 'forum' seems to have been taken down after threats by ATOS to the site host:

The increasing problems that ATOS and the DWP are causing with their drive to remove ESA from claimants are well documented.
According to 2 year old statistics produced by the DWP:
There have been 189,800 WCA assessments up to the end of August 2009. Of these assessments:
 • 10% have been assessed as Support Group
 • 22% have been assessed as Work Related Activity
 • 69% have been deemed Fit for Work

Call me old fashioned and boring, but I just don't believe that only 10% of ESA claimants are fit to work. It just doesn't feel right. The report suggests that 69% of claimants should look for a job now.  Sorry, that doesn't stack up... the assessments must be politically motivated.

The latest move by ATOS to silence people is appalling. Threatening a disabled man last week and then removing a support forum for ATOS sufferers (can't think of what else to call them...) is despicable.

It is difficult to know where to go with this though. The BBC have published on it, some MPs aren't happy. Perhaps an investigation by Panorama might not go amiss?

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