Sunday, 14 August 2011

China has riots more serious than England's every week

Picked this summary of global unrest from Wikileaks. Puts some of the UK's troubles into perspective.

Syria: Who can have missed the disgusting actions of the Syrian government. This seems to be the latest attrocity.
Israel: 30,000 marching yesterday
Yemen: Hundreds of thousands.

South Korea: 15,000
US: US day of rage 17th Sept
Chile: 800 students arrested earlier this month after protests for equal access to education
China: 'China saw almost 90,000 such "mass incidents" of riots, protests, mass petitions and other acts of unrest in 2009' and 'China has riots more serious than England's every week' - plus more riots last Friday.
Egypt: A few hundred in Tahrir square on Friday
Libya: Turning into an Arab Autumn - but the rebels made progress today

And plenty more...

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