Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Castle Farm wind

Local plans for a community wind turbine have proved hard to get agreed. The company, DistGen, have updated their web page with a survey and information. Please can people do the survey...

This is from DistGen:

Castle Farm


At the present time development on the Castle Farm wind turbine is blocked because the owners of a neighbouring property are exercising a restrictive covenant they have over the farm. The property in question is situated between the farm and the main road and currently has quite open views over the farm. The owners were consulted by DistGen prior to the planning application being submitted and then by Maidstone BC during the planning process. Shortly after planning permission was granted a notice to cease and desist was issued via their solicitor.
Sadly this has resulted in the loss of valuable income for both the farm and parish at a time when local authorities are making substantial budget cuts and services are being squeezed.

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