Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Can violence ever be mindless?

I'm getting tired of people claiming that the riots are 'mindless' violence. From what I have seen from this year's riots, as well as those in decades past, is that the violence has a cause and a rationale - it is anything but mindless.

Perhaps then the thugs that undoubtably come out to add to the troubles are mindless? Well they may well have different motives to those with genuine grievances and anger, but their actions are even more considered - they are out there to cause mayhem and have little else in mind. Being single minded is hardly mindless, it is perhaps the opposite.

Other than violence commited when someone is out of their mind, perhaps drugs or drink, I'm struggling to think of violent situations which have no thought behind them. Even if people would act better with hindsight, there is still a train of thought behind violence.

Let's stop using the 'mindless' word and think about a better one. Simply calling the violence mindless is er, mindless.


thehoatzin said...

you really are a twat.

any other comment would be wasted on you.

Stuart Jeffery said...

I have no problem with people disagreeing with me or suggesting counter arguements - indeed I welcome that.

Resorting to abusive comments is not welcome and I will delete any further.

thehoatzin said...

Keep it up.

While the decent 'working' class of Britain (Sikhs, Turks, Chinese, Indian and 'White' etc are organising and protecting their homes, communities and businesses, like an autistic pedant you're rushing to point out that it's not 'actually' mindless. As I say, keep it up, as when the dust has settled you'll realise you've set the Green Party back 10-20 years by inane comments like this about the violence not 'technically' being mindless. And now several people have died, shootings, beating and three killed by a car defending their community, but at least I guess it wasn't actually mindless. Good to know.

Stuart Jeffery said...

It isn't a case of not being technically mindless, these riots are driven by intent. Unless we address the underlying causes we might as well baracade ourselves in. Unless we realise these people are rioting for a reason, no matter what that reason is, and unless we address the isues then the riots will continue to happen - maybe not this week or next, but they will happen.

Calling them mindless is pandering to the daily mail reading 'hang em and flog em' mob. That will get us nowhere.

DocRichard said...

For mindless read illogical. Rioters resent police, but carry out actions that make repressive policing even more prevalent. Doh.