Saturday, 13 August 2011

Association of British Drivers - attack on 20mph streets

Letter to the Kent Messenger in response to the one by the Association of British Drivers

Dear Editor,

Terry Hudson of the Association of British Drivers made some bizarre and misleading claims in last week's KM.

In claiming that 20mph speed limits are outdated he fails to say that the 30 mph speed limit was introduced in 1934 when there were less than 2 million cars on our roads - now there are 31 million. Moreover, the Department of Transport guidelines from 2009 now call for 20mph limits in residential areas and just two months ago the EU recommended the same. Current thinking is clearly against the 1930's 30mph limits.

Claiming that 20mph residential roads would create congestion and make journey times unreasonable is also wrong. As most residential roads are close to arterial roads that should remain at 30mph, the average increase in travel time is around 40 seconds. Congestion does not increase, the evidence suggests that it decreases.

Most importantly, 20mph areas have shown significant reductions in accidents. I find it astonishing that a road lobby group is arguing against a scheme that saves lives.

With 72% of people supporting 20mph residential streets, the weight of public opinion is on the side of the campaign - hardly 'social engineering by political parties'. Finally, the Green Party does not 'loathe' people who travel by car; we simply want safer streets, viable alternatives to travelling by car, less pollution and lower use of fossil fuels.

It is about time that Mr Hudson looked at the facts rather than making them up.

Stuart Jeffery
Maidstone Green Party

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TinyBitGreen said...

I had a look at their website, they are completely independent . . Their four patrons just happen to be 3 conservative MP’s and 1 DUP MP. But I am sure they represent a broad section of British motorists really!