Monday, 22 August 2011

Arab Autumn

The Arab uprisings have moved into a new phase with Tripoli close to falling to the rebels last night - let us hope that the new regime is more democratic and more peaceful than the last.

Of course the rebels may not have managed this without intervention by the US and its allies, but then there is a lot of oil at stake. Sadly the death toll in Syria continues, 2000 is the current estimate, and there seems to be little progress on reform and clearly not as much oil at stake.

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Steve said...

The Libya people have clearly chosen their direction. Any external influence has merely sped things along. And maybe even saved lives. Hopefully attention will now turn to Syria and the Americans may well take a firmer role there and you can then criticise them for getting involved.

Whether Libya will be 'better' in the long run is another question. The legal system will be based on Sharia and the country will probably no longer call itself 'Arab'. If the Libyans are happier then I guess that's all that counts. Mind you, any country that 'votes' for Sharia Law deserves it.