Friday, 29 July 2011

Right wing onslaught

The right wing onslaught is in full flow, and not just from extremists in Norway:

The Republican Tea Party are unwavering in their desire to destroy the world economy for the sack of tax and spending cuts targetted at the rich and poor respectively (if respectively is the right word to use).

Oil companies are poised to make record profits as supply stalls while demand grows. I wonder how much profit will go in taxes?

Gollys are on sale in East Kent amid Daily Mail style comments on the Kent Messenger website claiming that they are not racist.

Homelessness has risen 40% in one year in Kent. This from BBC and this is on the KM website. Again some of the comments are appalling - this time quite racist.

Depressing stuff. The future has to be cooperation and compassion, not cuts and competition. It's an easy narrative and the only one that holds any promise.

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