Thursday, 7 July 2011

Please support Dr Ed and colleagues

Please support this petition.

Dr. Ed lost his job as curator and natural history keeper at Maidstone Museum, as well as 4 of his colleagues, including the Operations Manager.  This drastic action, for a saving of less than £100,000; when the High Street is being re-vamped at a cost well in excess of £2 million!
Once again, we push away historic and cultural activities and knowledge. This time the sacrifice is NOT worth the ridiculous saving that it brings.
What will become of the Maidstone Museum, a local landmark, in a few years if we change its bricks and mortar, but we lose its soul?
We really need to show the strength of feeling towards this cut, and tell the council that it simply cuts too deep - to demand that Dr. Ed and his colleagues are reinstated.  Please forward this to all your Facebook friends, contacts, family and whoever cares for our children to still have access to inspiring people and places.

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