Sunday, 17 July 2011

McDonald and the mosquito

Letter to the Kent Messenger:

Dear Editor,

I find it incredible that McDonalds are using the mosquito, a device that blatantly discriminates against young people, especially when they are their target customers.

Discrimination is always wrong and McDonalds should be ashamed of themselves, as should town centre manager Bill Moss for backing the use of the device. If this was a device for keeping black people, women or the elderly away, McDonalds would rightly be prosecuted, so why should society tolerate discrimination against young people?

Young people are having a tough enough time at present: 18-24 year olds accounting for a quarter of all unemployed people, youth centres being closed across the county and student fees have been trebled by the government. Local and national government have got it in for the young, now it looks like McDonalds has joined them.

Stuart Jeffery
Maidstone Green Party

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