Wednesday, 27 July 2011

20mph outside schools

I spoke to the Maidstone Joint Transportation Board this evening urging them to back plans for a trial of 20mph zones by schools. Half an hour of debate but they did endorse the plan which is excellent news.

Coverage in Kent News here and possibly on Radio Kent on Monday:

Mr Jeffery said: “This is a small but good step in the right direction, one that is very welcome after years of hard campaigning.
“20mph areas have been shown to be very effective in reducing accidents and promoting cycling and walking. They have overwhelming public support - after all who wants cars travelling fast past schools or people’s homes?
“I hope that once these schemes have been shown to be effective, that they will be expanded across the borough and that Kent County Council will consider bringing Maidstone into the 21st century by giving all Maidstone’s residential streets 20mph limits, just as other county towns across the country now have. It is quite disgraceful that Maidstone is at least 5 years behind places such as Oxford, Norwich, Lancaster and Portsmouth.”

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