Saturday, 25 June 2011

Maidstone June 30th rallies

Maidstone Greens will be joining the rallies in Maidstone on 30th June, please come along if you care about public services. This is from MCoR, the Maidstone Coalition of Resistance:

On June 30th 750,000 public sector workers from major unions - the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, the National Union of Teachers,the Public and Commercial Services union and the University College Union- will be taking part in the first, major, joint strike action against the coalition governments policies.

This strike is not only about pensions but about cuts to schools, the rise in tuition fees and cuts to Higher Education, the scrapping of EMA and more. All of these things are a concerted attack on the fundamental right for people young and old to access and enjoy education.

Join striking teachers, lecturers and students from Maidstone on June 30th at a rally at the Walnut Tree entrance to the Oakwood Park campus between 12-2pm, and join the rally at County Hall between 4-5pm!

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