Saturday, 18 June 2011

Tories and Disability

Great Facebook campaign page:

Reduce Philip Davies's salary to less than £5.68 an hour

Still can't quite believe the comments that he has made (suggesting that disabled people should take work at below minimum wage rate), but then the Tory approach to diasbility is pretty awful generally.


Lee Firth said...

Mr Davies already has a job, so he doesn't need to make an attractive offer to a potential employer.

Unfortunately, many people, like myself, whether disabled or not, have nothing to offer an employer except the prospect that our labour will be cheaper than anyone else's...and we should be allowed to take such a decision in our best interest.

Stuart Jeffery said...

Sorry, I completely disagree.

The minimum wage law is there to prevent exploitation and it should apply to everyone. We also need a maximum wage to prevent people like Davies taking £66k plus £160k expenses and whatever else he makes, while the ConDems are putting 500,000 public sector workers on the dole.