Monday, 6 June 2011

Cameron compares NHS with European healthcare

David Cameron is expected to state, in a speech tomorrow on the coalition’s NHS reforms that elsewhere in Europe, health systems work more effectively. (1)
Stuart Jeffery, Health Spokesperson for the Green Party, said:
“Perhaps he means France or Germany, who both have a system of state insurance and private health care providers, similar to the one proposed in the health bill.
“France and Germany, along with most countries in Western Europe, spend significantly more of their income on health care than the UK, 20% more in Germany and 25% more in France.
“Increasing the UK's spending on health to Western European levels would see an investment of £20bn in the NHS, yet the Conservatives are planning savings of £20bn.
“Perhaps he will talk about clinical effectiveness. In that case, let's hope he doesn’t regurgitate false statistics and lies that he managed to spout the last time he made claims about the clinical effectiveness of the NHS."
“The NHS does need reform. It needs to bring service back into its heart. It needs to scrap the expensive pseudo-market, and it needs to be held to account by local people.”

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