Thursday, 19 May 2011

Yes to PR in Kent

Kent News have just run an online poll which found that 57% of people voted yes to changing parliamentary elections to a proportional system against 29% who wanted to keep the current one. Completely opposite to the AV vote.

Obviously not a carefully weighted selection sample adjusted for demographic variables but encouraging none the less.

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Martin said...

Its interesting that the AV referendum didn't reflect this. I wish we were able to see the demographics of those who voted. I suspect that the people who voted no are also the same people who have been voting Tory all their lives without ever stopping to question themselves as to why.
The people who are likely to vote in a newspaper poll are those who feel strongly about it. I suspect that those who voted No in the referendum, are people who haven't really given it any thought, but are faithful voters none the less.
I struggle to comprehend how so many people in Kent, particularly in poorer wards, can continue to vote Conservative. I just don't understand.