Saturday, 7 May 2011

Voice of 16 year olds

This is from my friend Anthony. He has been campaigning hard to get the voice of younger people heard in Maidstone:

Last Wednesday (4th May) saw Anthony Hill, a 16 Year old Student from St Simon Stock School, deliver Cllr Garland a thank you card. Cllr Garland is the leader of Maidstone Borough Council.

Anthony delivered the Thank you card to the Council’s offices, but unfortunately Cllr Garland was not in the office at the time and is not expected to be in until next week!

The thank you card was in relation to the Council finally changing their constitution. Due to Anthony’s original question in September there was a change in the rules for presenting petitions to the council. However, these changes were not shown in the council’s constitution until the end of April. A time of almost 7 Months!

Anthony said that the council should be accountable in there running, something that is a key part of our democracy.

I feel that the length of time taken is absurd. However, I am glad that it is over and the council have finally changed their constitution.

This move will now allow Under 18’s living in the borough to submit petitions. Something Anthony was originally not allowed to do last summer.

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