Saturday, 14 May 2011

Vestas on Sheppey

Welcome news that Vestas are looking at Sheppey / Sheerness as a site for their wind turbine factory. This is from Kent Green Party:

The Green Party's plan to create thousands of jobs through investment in a low carbon economy has been vindicated by Vestas announcement that they have taken an option on land at Sheerness. The proposed development would create 2,000 jobs in the off-shore wind industry. The investment would help to reduce the budget deficit, protect essential public services, improve energy security and tackle climate change.

Many new green jobs can be created in Swale if the Government and Swale Borough Council adopt the policies necessary to encourage investment in renewable energy. The deep water port at Sheerness is an ideal location for the off-shore wind industry to build wind turbines for the North Sea.

Tim Valentine Coordinator Swale Green Party said: "In the recent local elections, Swale Greens argued that the Council should make investment in green jobs their top priority. Swale Borough Council have yet to realise the potential. They turned down planning permission for the sub-station for the London Array - the development which is now attracting Vestas to Sheerness. News that Vestas have taken an option is very exciting, but local and national Government must make investment in renewable energy sufficiently attractive to ensure that the opportunity for 2,000 new skilled jobs in Swale is not lost."

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