Monday, 2 May 2011

Bin Ladin's death will change nothing

Screwing with other country's politics, bombing them in the name of democracy and invading them in case they might have WMDs, are all wrong on so many levels especially when the real reason is to get our hands on their oil.

Bin Ladin's death may now become the defining moment of Obama's presidency and pull him from the clutches of defeat by the GOP but the triumphalism that we will witness today will say more about our own lust for blood and need for a common enemy than Bin Ladin's terrorism.

Just as the West was responsible for hundreds of thousands, and possibly up to a million, deaths in Iraq following the invasions predicated on a supposed 45 minutes to mass destruction of the West but in reality a political need to secure oil, we are now attacking Libya in the name of democracy that hides the West's need to secure oil from them.

Libya considers diverting its oil supply to China and India and the US, UK and France start bombing them using civil liberties as an excuse. Strange how the West isn't intervening in Syria or Bahrain in the same was and how we completely ignored Gaza. Just look at oil reserves to get a feel for the liklihood of invasion.

Oil, the need to demonise and the economic benefits of war are driving the appalling foreign policy of the past 10 years. Bin Ladin may be dead but sadly that will not end our involvement in the Arab states.


Steve said...

Au contraire

Bin Laden has been losing support, along with Al Quaida, all over the middle east as people throw off their chains and demand some of that actually quite nice freedom and democracy. The embracing of these things will hopefully gain speed, spread and soon the larger middle east region will join the fold as the old communist and eastern bloc states did. Then it will just be the basket case sexist, homophobic and anti-semitic religious nutjobs in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan and Hamas left. Lets hope their people turn on these theocratic regimes and their secret police

Onwards and upwards...

Steve said...

I posted here last night. There was nothing offensive. The post is no longer here. Sure, it disagreed with you but I can't believe you've pulled it for any reason of substance. What gives?

Stuart Jeffery said...

Steve, your posts got filtered out by the spam filter. I have restored them as you can see. Stuart