Saturday, 30 April 2011

Round up

Had a day off campaigning - almost. Quick round up of recent stuff:
  • Sweeps Festival started today. Folk, morris and ale to celebrate May Day / Beltaine - had a great time. Will be at the 'Awakening Jack in the Green' ceremony at 5:30am tomorrow, not a bad festival for a council to put on - shame Maidstone have nothing similar.
  • Gave out some leaflets with Medway Greens at Sweeps and had a row with Medway Labour who refused to remove their stall even though they had not booked a place and were asked to do so by the council.
  • Christiania is under threat. Went there is 1992 - superb place, don't want to see it turned into modern apartments but that's what you get with a Liberal / Conservative government.
  • Tornados in the US have killed hundreds while in the UK the lack of rain in Kent is making my garden suffer.

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