Saturday, 9 April 2011

Kids in future will get a "Right Clegging"

Painful reading, this. Clegg complained about being a punchbag in the New Statesman and the Guardian give a perfect example of what happens with a political punchbag:

"You are a fence-sitter, a turncoat, a scapegoat, a liar, a pledge-breaker, a class traitor, probably a scumbag into the bargain. You are a stock-in-trade figure of fun and/or hate. Little old ladies quake at your name. When children won't go to bed and are threatened with a "right Clegging", they scream in terror."

Harsh words but then they have deceived their voters and supporters, so what do they expect? They have plummeted in the polls and are going to be the big losers on 5th May.

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