Sunday, 24 April 2011

Kent recycling

Kent Green Party is urging that all local councils in Kent and Medway step up their recycling as a contribution to regeneration. Stuart Jeffery, Chair of Kent Green Party, explains:

"It has always been evident that re-use and recycling can contribute long-term sustainable jobs in every part of Kent and Medway. But there are enormous variations in what local councils collect from homes and businesses (1) with Kent featuring very badly in the league tables. Councils must adopt a higher minimum standard everywhere which means collecting glass, paper, cardboard, tins, garden waste, plastic and food waste. Wye has had this service for years and this approach is consistent with the Zero Waste concept, which is currently being considered by Government in the draft Carbon Plan currently out to consultation.

"Despite Wye having a model service, Ashford has the lowest recycling rates in the country with just 15% of its household waste being recycled (1). This is shameful.

"Plastics recycling is controversial. Clearly, it would be better if packaging was reduced or achieved without the use of oil-based plastics which are now expensive(2). But, recognising that such plastic use may continue for some time and that plant-based plastics may be more widely used for some purposes, we need to improve facilities for the collection of plastics(3).

"Councils also need to encourage re-use. Used furniture is always in demand but facilities for re-use vary. The freecycle network needs to be promoted as does giving to charity shops.


Dulantha said...

Great nature friendly blog....

I love nature too.

We must encourage people to get close to the nature as much as possible. Then we can get rid of environmental problems step by step.

yogi bear said...

Can I ask for your reaction to the plan to make Richborough a recycling plant? Do you know if it involves incineration of rubbish?

Stuart Jeffery said...

Richborough has good and bad aspects. I am very keen on anaerobic biodigesters and sites that sort recyclables. I am not so keen on incineration, which Richborough will have (see gasification)
Other aspects here:

Will blog on this after the election!

Unknown said...

There are long term benefits of recycling the waste. We all must be nature friendly. It is our duty to preserve our environment.
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