Friday, 22 April 2011

38 Degrees: NHS

38 Degrees are continuing their campaign to save the NHS. I have written the following to my MP:

Do you agree that if the government is serious about "listening" on its NHS plans, then it has to promise to rule out price competition between providers? So many experts warn that this could be destructive and will get in the way of patient care.

Do you agree that spending between £5bn and £15bn each year simply to run the health market is a waste of money that should be put into patient care?

Do you agree that private providers can only make a profit at the expense of NHS ones by cherry picking operations and having a skewed tariff?

Do you agree that GPs are going to face conflicts of interests with their patients and that patients' trust in GPs will decline?

The NHS should focus on co-operation to provide quality care, not private companies competing on price.

Please will you contact Andrew Lansley and raise my concerns with him?

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Steve said...

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