Wednesday, 23 March 2011

TUC shame: email Brendan Barber now


Dear Mr Barber,

As a member of a local branch of UNISON, a member of political party and an anti-cuts campaigner,  I was shocked and appalled to hear that Ed Milliband MP is the only speaker from a political party on the 26th March. I am utterly ashamed and disgusted by this sectarian move to allow a platform for political speech only to the leader of a political party that has been advocating cuts, lead the way to the privatization of our beloved public services for over a decade & publicly spoke out against the march.

Caroline Lucas MP is the one sane voice in parliament, calling for the end of tax evasion, abolishing trident, bringing the troops home from Afghanistan and increases in taxation on the rich. These are the policies the TUC should be supporting.

It seems that this isn't going to be a march for an alternative after all, but a march for more failed policies and favors a particular political party. I am writing to urge you to reconsider your decision because trade unions using the anti-cuts movement to promote a single party is a failure to pluralistic politics, slavery to the conservative ideological of a lot of Labour policies and simply and truly un-trade unionist.

It is an utter shame and disgrace on the TUC to have acted in such a manner.

Stuart Jeffery

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Shasha Khan said...

Well done Stuart. I've just found out this news. It's a real shame. I'll be emailing Mr Barber and encouraging others to do the same.