Friday, 25 March 2011


Two interesting polls out this month. Firstly in the South West a Marketing Means poll put the Greens on 6% in a General Election poll where the Greens weren't mentioned in the question. This lack of prompt pushes our numbers down, making 6% a very good poll.

Secondly, A Com Res poll in London put us on 7%, just behind the Lib Dems on 9%. This is great news for the Assembly elections next year as Peter points out. We are ahead of the LDs in two age groups.

Finally, The LDs seems to have won a by-election and are jumping up and down with joy, citing this as a massive swing from the Tories to them. The reality is that their vote share increased by 3% while standing against the Tories and UKIP. Last time there was no UKIP, just the Tories and LDs and it seems that UKIP split the Tory vote in two. What a shame that we didn't stand a candidate though.

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