Friday, 18 March 2011

Greens in joint second place?

Online poll in Kent for Kent News has the Greens currently in second place on 20% behing Conservatives on 44%. Ahrad of Labour: 18%; UKIP 6%; Lib Dems 5%.

Obviously it is unrepresentative but fun to vote in anyway!


Stephen Paine said...

It's interesting to see the Lib Dems trailing so far behind in all these polls (the serious ones as well as the silly ones!), yet looking at the local election statistics they still seem to be out-performing the rest of us.... I think this May is anyones' call!

Stuart Jeffery said...

Hi Steve, Good to hear from you. Kent Lib Dems have had one good result in TW last week where they only increased their vote slightly but had the Tory vote split by UKIP:

In general they are losing votes quite rapidly, so I have my fingers crossed!