Tuesday, 29 March 2011

German Greens

Slogging hard to get the nomination papers completed and in this week but bouyed by the news yeasterday from Germany. Baden-Württemberg has gone Green and ousted Merkel's Christian Democrats (in an SPD / Green coalition). This is from the Indy and this from Jim Jepps, the feeling is that the disaster in Japan gave teh Greens a final boost.

The German Greens had been around 20% for a while so were due for a good result soon. Let's hope we can get some good results here in a few weeks time. My previous post on regional polls suggests thing are looking up for radical politics!

Baden-Württemberg results:

Party Vote % Change Seats Change
Christian Democratic Union (CDU) 39 -5.2 60 -9
The Greens 24.2 12.5 36 19
Social Democratic Party (SPD) 23.1 -2.1 35 -3
Free Democratic Party (FDP) 5.3 -5.4 7 -8
Die Linke 2.8 -0.3

Pirate Party 2.1 2.1

The Republicans 1.1 -1.4

All Others 2.4

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