Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Quote of the week has to go to Monbiot: "The government also plans to introduce what it calls a Fair Fuel Stabiliser. This policy might be blessed with the best abbreviation since the proposed City University of Newcastle-on-Tyne was rechristened, but it’s likely to ensure that demand remains strong."

My colleague Steve was arguing on the Politics Show why fuel duty should not be reduced and I think the events in the Middle East are just the latest in a long line of reasons stretching from climate change to sustainability to health.

I fully accept that the impact of high prices are felt on the less well off but this can be dealt with fairly simply by personal tradeable carbon quotas. A cap on carbon use across the country with fair share access to oil/gas/coal would mean that people who use less than their equal share could sell their excess quota to others, offsetting the cost of lower amounts of carbon that they have used, FFS!

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