Monday, 14 March 2011

ConDem deportations and child detention

Firstly a petition to stop Jeanine Kamba being deported, secondly news that Barnardo's is to help run a detention centre for children that have sought assylum, yes that is the charity set up to look after children running a centre the type of which the should not exist. Welcome to ToryLabDem Britain.

SAVE OUR SISTER: An appeal from the Lovell – Kamba Family

Jeanine Kamba is to be deported from the UK on Friday after being detained by the UK Border Authority.

Jeanine, 18, came to the UK in 2005 after fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Her father died in 1995 and her mother went missing in 2003 and has not been seen since. Her older brother Blaise took responsibility for both Jeanine and her sister Leitichia, but was forced to return to the DRC in 2009, despite objections from senior Bishops of the Church of England and local media, amid serious concerns for his well-being.

Barnardo’s to help run new family detention centre

Children’s charity Barnardo’s have been contracted by the Home Office as a service provider at the new families detention centre at Pease Pottage, Sussex. The secure “pre-departure accommodation” is widely seen as detention re-packaged, and Barnardo’s role in the centre – which could see over 6,000 children a year detained – is controversial.

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