Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pfizer jobs losses

While not being a fan of big pharma generally, the loss of the Pfizer plant in Sandwich is not about the company but about the people and their families who work there. 2400 job losses is gong to devastate an area which already has high levels of deprivation and unemployment. My heart goes out to those families that will be affected and I hope they find new jobs quickly.

Dover and Thanet already have high levels of unemployment compared to the rest of Kent (Thanet is currently running at 5.2% and is highest in Kent, Dover is at 3.3%) and this closure will add 2400 to the 6200 already unemployed across these two areas.

This type of closure will be symptomatic of the combined rush to globalisation and the fundementally unsustainable society that we live in.

Moving production and work to the cheapest labour sources will be a race to the bottom in both wealth for the workers across the globe, but also for workers' rights - just look at Coca Cola. And while we need companies to produce medicines, they need to understand that huge profitteering is not the way forward in a sustainable society.

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