Monday, 21 February 2011

Manchester Airport Six go on trial

Another trial of climate activists starts tomorrow, this is from Plane Stupid:

"Six climate protesters who breached airside security at Manchester Airport are to go on trial at Trafford Magistrates Court tomorrow morning. The trial begins ten years after Manchester Airport opened their second runway in February 2001, following some of the largest environmental protests of the 1990s. The six defendants will plead not guilty to the charge of aggravated trespass, after they formed a human circle around the wheel of a Monarch Airline jet last May 2010."

People just don't get how catastrophic climate change will be. They only see the people who try to stop the behavour that causes it as a nuisance and want to stop their protests.

There is a serious gap in humanity's understanding of our impact on the planet and what we need to to about it. In the rich west, the impact that we will experience will be firstly through rising food prices. But if you think the price of corn futures doubling in the past 12 months is harsh for us, just remember how devastating that cost is for poorer countries.

Let us hope that the prosecution fails as it did for the Kingsnorth Six.

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