Saturday, 19 February 2011

Lord luv us...

The cat's out of the bag, ballot papers are hitting doormats - the election for the Green Party's nomination(s) for the House of Lords has started.

It is a bit of a bizarre election. Most of us are opposed to an un-elected chamber and we don't have much of a clue whether the party will even be offered a seat there. CamerClegg said that new appointments to the Lords will be made on the basis of general election vote share which should give us about 7 seats - so fat chance of that happening.

Anyway, if there is an outside chance of shaking up the current bunch of peers, campaigning to get the House of Lords closed down and re-established as a fully elected senate, and getting across our radical eco-socialist message then I'm up for it.

Have a look at my Stuart for Lords blog and let me know if you want to be added to the growing list of endorsements.

The field of candidates is strong and wise, so I think the party can be confident of picking a good list of nominees:

Shahrar Ali
Emma Dixon
James Humphreys
Jenny Jones
John Whitelegg
Hazel Dawe
Alan Francis
Jessica Goldfinch
Robin Harper
Stuart Jeffery
Rebecca Johnson
Jim Kitchen
Rupert Read
David Aherne
Nic Best
Stephen Plowden
Larry Sanders
Tony Slade

Don't forget this a STV election and there are 10 nominations up for grabs.


weggis said...

Don't forget Ron!

Stuart Jeffery said...

Ron is a good bloke and always seems to do well but I hope that I beat him!