Saturday, 12 February 2011

Forest sale postponed but we need to keep fighting

The forest sale is not over despite the slight posponement. It also now looks like it will cost more money than it saves. 

Green leader Caroline Lucas MP has responded to today’s statement from DEFRA on the sale of Forestry Commission land (1) in which they indicated a postponement of the sell-off.

Caroline said:

"No one should be misled into thinking that today’s statement represents a reprieve for the nation’s forests and woodlands. It refers to the ongoing sale of Forestry Commission assets, as begun under the previous administration, and whilst I welcome the Government giving greater consideration to protecting access to our woodlands there is still no sign that they are genuine about this in the long term.

"It’s clear that the Government is now on the back foot as a result of the public campaign against their ill judged proposals. But we still have a fight on our hands to resist the legislative changes that would make the forest sell off a reality – which is why I will be seeking to amend the Public Bodies Bill in the Commons."

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