Thursday, 17 February 2011

A feel-bad recovery says the IOD

Kent's unemployment has soared by 1900 in Jan. Growth was negative in the last quarter of 2010. If you make people unemployed then you will create a further recession. You can't get growth by removing work from the country. Basic economics but the Tories are trying to pursuade us that black is white.

Also from the KM, this has to be the crap comment of the week: 'Graeme Leach, chief economist at the Institute of Directors, said higher unemployment and lower numbers in work made it a "feel-bad" recovery.' WTF is a feel-bad recovery?

Whether we have growth or not, the whole point is that we should not 'feel-bad. I don't support unfettered growth but the key point is that we need to get people into work and ensure that public services meet the needs of the population. To do that we need proper taxation of the rich.

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TinyBitGreen said...

Re WTF is a feel bad recovery.
Greame Leach of the Institute of Directors is using the standard definition of ‘feel bad recovery’ from the ‘Dictionary of Right Wing Lexicon'
Feel Bad Recovery – An economic recovery where People who matter feel bad while people who really do have quite enough money already, get more of it.