Saturday, 5 February 2011

Child casualties on Kent's roads rise 50% in one year

Kent Greens have increased calls for 20mph limits following a shock 52% rise in child injuries on our roads announced by Kent Police this week[1].  Local Greens have also slammed comments by Kent Police that suggest the rise in casualties was "slight". Greens across Kent have been working with other campaigners to reduce the speed limits on all residential roads to 20mph and they recently welcomed a public health report which backed the need for 20mph limits in residential areas[2].

Stuart Jeffery, Chair of Kent Green Party: "These casualty figures are truly shocking. A rise of more than 50% in child casualties in Kent cannot be allowed to go unaddressed. Kent Police and Kent County Council have constantly knocked back calls to reduce the speed limit in residential areas but they cannot allow children to suffer for the want of safer driving limits.

"To rub salt into the wounds, Kent Police seem to think that a 52% increase in child casualties can be described as slight. A 52% rise in child casualties is not slight, it is appalling.

"This problem has gone on for far too long, it is time for action to be taken. Kent needs an immediate change to 20mph limits in all residential areas. As we know, residents overwhelmingly support this, the last government supported this and public health experts support this. There is no excuse not to implement 20mph limits."


1.  From Kent Police: 2009/10 child casualties = 49; 1st Apr 2010 to 5th Jan 2011 = 57 (i.e. over 280 days) - projecting this to a full year gives 57 x 365/280 = 74. This equates to a 52% rise.

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