Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lib Dems Waning Here

Just as the Irish Greens look set to be wiped out in the General Election for their part in supporting Fianna Fail and considering saving any face they have left by running before they are pushed, the Lib Dem collapse has started in Britain.

While they survived being wiped out in the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election by Tory voters voting tactically, they certainly won't be able to pull that stunt very often. They were only able to maintain support in Oldham as they had long pitched themselves as the alternative to Labour there. In the south they usually pitch themselves as the opposition to the Tories - a claim that no longer stands.

As by-election results roll in, the clear message is one of collapse of vote share, with some down by 21%. As more an more people realise what the Lib Dems don't stand we can expect the collapse to continue.

This bodes well for Maidstone, assuming that the Lib Dem decline is not mopped up by the Tories. In Fant Ward where the vote has been fairly evenly split between Green / LD / Tory for the past few years, I can't see the Lib Dems hanging on which would mean that the only way of stopping the Tories would be a Green vote.


Tony Flaig said...

Dream on Stuart, as you'll appreciate Labour have been experts in side stepping culpability in handing money to the banks, let alone the big ticket item of student fees which they created and then themselves wanged up by multiplying the original fee by three.

Few media bods particularly in the state broadcasting sector have any sympathy outside of the labour party, so its not a surprise that with most people getting news from broadcast media, they have a rather skewed view.

Eventually common-sense will prevail, as people tire of the lie that both conservative and Liberal democrats have betrayed the great british public.

No body would thank a builder for pointing out property damage or be happy to pay for repairs same thing with sorting out labours cockups

A J Ovenden said...

That is a very good point and history does have a habit of repeating itself. Like the 1993 european elections when the Lib Dem vote collapsed.
Somehow I think this is going to be more permanent all the time the LibDems cling onto the Orange Book.
This policy of hurting people and saying it is all Labour's fault is failing and as you point out the Greens and Labour will benefit.