Sunday, 9 January 2011

Lib Dems dropping like a stone

Friday's YouGov poll put the LibDems on just 7%, the lowest since 1990. It is clear that the LibDems sold out for a taste of power and have shown their economic allegances lie on the right. They are going to be punished at this year's local elections for their poor error of judgement and for showing where they really lie in the political spectrum.


Richiedaw said...

You've fallen a bit behind the times 10% in Sunday's YOU GOV though plus
12% in Fridays'Angus Reid
and neck and neck with Labour in the By Election

Dropping like a stone for sure !!

Jim Jepps said...

Neck and neck with Labour in the oldham by-election? What are you going to tell yourself when they get trounced, or will you conveniently forget you said this posturing rubbish?

Stuart - I guess our job is to help finish them off, although I suspect they'll be squealing all the way.

Stuart Jeffery said...

Jim, a poll showed them neck and neck in Oldham, but it was a small one. It also showed the Tory's on 6%. Either there is a large margin of error (only 225 in the survey and 47% refusal rate) or the Tories are voting LD. As we know there is little to choose between the Tories and LDs so both might be true.

Jim Jepps said...

If I'd been responsible for that poll I would not have published it. It's clear from the refusal rate that there was a problem of some sort and the sample size is far too small.