Tuesday, 11 January 2011

EMA Petition

This is from the Save the EMA campaign. The Edication Maintenance Allowance got far less coverage in the press, yet will hit education of teenagers from less well off families. Helping teenagers have a post 16 education is the right thing to do, I have no idea what planet this government are from.

Sign our petition opposing the axing of the Education Maintenance Allowance
'We the undersigned oppose the axing of the Education Maintenance Allowance which helps thousands of young people to reach their full potential. We believe that the loss of EMA will damage our country's economic future and impact on social justice by making it harder for disadvantaged young people to access education and will lead to cuts in local provision as colleges respond to reductions in learner numbers. We therefore call upon government not to axe EMA and to continue supporting adult learners through the Adult Learning Grant.'

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