Saturday, 1 January 2011

December 2010 weather and climate

We all know that weather and climate are different with climate informing patterns of weather rather than causing specific events. The denier trolls have pounded their drums for many years about the weather disproving climate change and therefore there is no reason to curb emissions. Well those of us with half a brain know that just because it snows doesn't mean that climate change is a myth.

So spare a thought for those caught in the freak weather so far this winter. Kent managed to get snowed under at the start of December costing the local economy £millions apparently. Of course we had it easy compared to the Australians who are experiencing the worst flooding for 50 years. In the Eastern Mediterranean the long drought gave was to a huge storm.  Russia failed to cope with the freezing rain and the US has thundersnow last week.

Thanks to the inaction of governments, the power of the corporations and the idiot trolls we can expect more and more freak weather events, more deaths through climate change (already at 300,000 per year). Thanks to these people, the poor will suffer the most.

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