Sunday, 16 January 2011

Chair of Kent Green Party

I was elected chair of Kent Green Party yesterday at the AGM. Hazel Dawe had done a great job for the previous five years but decided to stand down. It is certainly an honour to take the job on and hope that I will be as good as my predecessors.

We live in interesting political times. Lib Dem support is in single figures as they continue to back the Tory led coalition. Opposition in Kent has been led by the Lib Dems as Labour's support disappeared over the past 13 years, but fortunes will undoubtably change and the Greens need to be seen as the alternative to discredited Libs and Labs. We have some strong areas of support across the county and we will achieve a breakthrough in Kent soon.

Good luck to my fellow Greens who will be standing in the Local elections this year. Let's see who can get elected first and I'll but them a pint!

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