Friday, 10 December 2010

Make the Tax Avoiders Pay - 11/12/10 - Maidstone Coalition of Resistance

This is from the Maidstone Coalition of Resistance:

    You've probably all seen about the inspiring UK Uncut protests taking place all over the country, as people say enough is enough to billionaires and mega corporations being let off vast amounts of tax by the same politicians who then tell the rest of us to foot the bill for their 'generosity'.

    Attention has been drawn to the tax avoiding ways of such wonderful people as Philip Green's Arcadia group and the fight back has been gar...nering huge attention, even drawing positive feedback from the Daily Mail! Something that I'm sure is a record for a non-ruling class protest movement (other than the black shirts of course).

    This Saturday is the day that the national campaign against the cuts have called as their next day of action and we need to spread the word even further, that we will not tolerate this inequality. As such we want to launch the Maidstone Coalition of Resistance with our first event to celebrate the occasion.

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