Tuesday, 28 December 2010

38 Degrees petition: BSkyB, Murdoch and Hunt

Sign the 38 Degrees petition for an impartial decision on Murdoch's bid for full control of BSkyB. Only 5% of people support the deal and Jeremy Hunt's comments suggestion that he falls into that group.

David Cameron has put Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt in charge of reviewing Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB power grab. Jeremy Hunt has said:

"Rather than worry about Rupert Murdoch owning another TV channel, what we should recognise is that he has probably done more to create variety and choice in British TV than any other single person because of his huge investment in setting up Sky TV, which, at one point, was losing several million pounds a day.

We would be the poorer and wouldn't be saying that British TV is the envy of the world if it hadn't been for him being prepared to take that commercial risk. We need to encourage that kind of investment."

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