Wednesday, 10 November 2010

£95bn of tax evasion and avoidance

"We are living in a country where the poor bail out the banks, while the rich keep their billions intact" - Monbiot
To the stunning levels of tax avoidance, £25bn need to be added the crazy levels of tax evasion, a further £70bn according the the PCS. You could almost be forgiven for thinking that this is the real economic crisis?

Meanwhile the government is shitting on poorer people.The Comprehensive Spending Review and cutting of government spending by one third primarily affects people on lower incomes and increases the gap between rich and poor.

My lack of blogging in recent weeks has been as a direct result of  the anger I'm feeling towards a cabinet made up of millionaires who have not had any experience of real life, no experience about what it means to not know how you are going to afford to eat, no experience of looking in the cupboard and finding little food in there, no experience of finding out how to cook an 8p meal and then quickly getting bored with eating the same thing for a month.

All the time we have people who have not directly experienced real life and who are only interested in their own economic growth, we won't have justice.

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