Saturday, 30 October 2010

Week off and the world collapses

Took a week off blogging and chose the week when so much happened locally.

Kent County Council announced 1500 job cuts. Kent Fire and Rescue are to make £16m in cuts over four years - I reckon that must be around 300 jobs to go. Kent Police are also facing around 1500 job cuts. All three of these public sector organisations have the HQ's in Maidstone, so we will be particularly badly hit. The Royal Mail sorting office in Maidstone is also set to close with about 100 jobs going.

The KM suggested that we will see 2400 jobs across the town go. This could double unemployment in Maidstone (currently at around 2100) and devastate families and the local economy.

I have signed up to the Coalition of Resistance and urge others to as well.

Our national debt as a proportion of GDP is lower than France, Germany and the US. These ridiculous cuts are not needed and will destroy lives and the economy.

George Osborne is avoiding paying his taxes, Vodafone have been let of £6bn of taxes, banks are raking it in while Clegg and Cameron have no idea what it is like to be poor.

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