Sunday, 10 October 2010

Kent Green Activist on the Badger Cull

This is from Kent Green Party and is an issue very close to my heart. It disgusts me that a blood thirsty Tory / Lib Dem coalition should overturn the government's own findings that a cull won't work.

Kent Green Party is opposed to a cull of badgers. Steve Campkin, Kent Green Party’s Animal Rights Campaigner, explains why:

“Kent Green Party opposes the badger cull. We do not believe that it is ethical or practical to carry out a sustained 'removal' of an indiginous species over a minimum of 100km2. We believe that addressing cattle to cattle transmission and the development of a vaccine is the key. Bovine TB is spread because of intensive farming. The constant use of drugs leads to drug-resistant conditions. Animals, unlike humans, breed to a sustainable level. It is very likely a cull this year would lead to a population explosion next year.

“The best option is organic farming, where the animals are naturally healthy and happy, which would boost their immune systems so they are naturally resistant to bTB. An overall reduction in meat consumption would help. Interfering with Nature has caused this problem, and further interference will only make things worse.

“In more detail: the initial, very expensive (£50million) and comprehensive, field trial by The Independent Scientific Group on Badger TB chaired by Prof Bourne found that:

In summary, the ISG conclude that neither the proactive or reactive culling of badgers can be recommended as a means of controlling bTB in cattle. Culling causes badgers to move, spreading infection and undermining reductions in TB in cattle achieved in the area where culling has taken place. We understand that bTB is a condition of great concern to farmers and which also has welfare implications for cattle. However, the answer to its lies with better diets and welfare policies for cattle to improve their immune systems, not culling badgers.”

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