Monday, 11 October 2010

If you thought the ConDems weren't interested in climate change...

There have been rumblings over the past few months about the lack of emphasis that the Tories and Lib Dems are putting on climate change. For example:
While this is hardly suprising given that Lib Dems have only ever been interested in winning elections and saying anything that appears popular, and the Tories - well are Tories... Anyway they have been too busy slashing and burning government (despite the UK having a lower national debt than France and Germany) to worry about a burning world. Sadly, it seems that Labour are following in their footsteps.

Personally, I thought Ed Miliband was OK as climate change secretary, but now as leader of the Labour Party he has appointed Meg Hillier as his Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary. Jim @ The Daily (Maybe) has suggested that we take a look at her voting record which you can see at Public Whip which I've summarised this below.

Her record is pretty damning, you'll need to scroll down for her climate change record as I've left in other interesting records. If you want action on climate change, you won't find it in any of the big three.

65% Abortion, Embryology and Euthanasia- Against
100% American imperialist hegemony: welcome (provisional)
100% Asylum seekers: no rights (provisional)
58% Asylum System - More strict (provisional)
17% Big Business - against (provisional)
0% British Humanist (provisional)
83% Cambridge Liberal Conservative (provisional)
0% Civil aviation pollution - For limiting
47% Common Sense Party (provisional)
97% Control Orders
100% Crossrail - In favour
0% Current Attitudes towards Climate Change (provisional)
0% Faith schools: abolish (provisional)
99% Fast-track planning (provisional)
0% Identity cards - Against introduction (provisional)
100% Identity cards - For introduction
100% Identity Cards - In favour (provisional)
3% Iraq Investigation - Necessary
25% Jury trials: sacrosanct (provisional)
50% Legalise all adult consensual sex (provisional)
100% Mental health- easier detention + forced treatment (provisional)
100% Military expansion - Favour (provisional)
85% Ministers Can Intervene in Coroners' Inquests
0% No to ID Cards (provisional)
100% Nuclear power - For
70% Parliamentary scrutiny - Reduce
21% Parliamentary scrutiny - Strengthen (provisional)
100% Post office - in favour of Government policy
0% Post office closures - against
100% Prisons and probation services: Privatise (provisional)
100% Pro American Pro War and Anti-Euro Party (provisional)
14% Pro Science and technology (provisional)
9% Pro-human rights, pro-democracy (provisional)
5% Pro-Liberty (provisional)
25% Proportional Representation (provisional)
1% Referendum on Alternative Vote for MP Elections (provisional)
0% Referendum on Equal Constituency Sizes (provisional)
0% Referendum on Europe (provisional)
100% Remove Hereditary Peers from the House of Lords
11% Renationalisation of public services (provisional)
0% Right to strike (provisional)
23% Schools - Greater Autonomy
0% Selective schools: abolish (provisional)
38% Stop climate change
78% Supports Government Budgets (provisional)
29% Taxation - For Progressive Taxation (provisional)
33% Taxes - Favour decreases (provisional)
25% Taxes - Favour increases (provisional)
50% Temporary and agency workers: Equal rights (provisional)
94% Termination of pregnancy - against
0% Terrorism laws - Against (provisional)
100% Terrorism laws - For
0% The UK should not ratify the Lisbon Treaty
50% Transparency of Parliament
83% Trident replacement - In favour
92% Trust schools: For (provisional)
47% Vote 'aye' on every division in October 2007 (provisional)
50% Voting age - Reduce to 16
0% War - Parliamentary authority not necessary

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