Monday, 4 October 2010

Brazilian Green vote

Latin American politics is becoming increasingly Green. Green Party candidate, Marina Silva has just received 20% in the Brazilian presidential elections - earlier this year the Green candidate got 21.5% in the Colombian presidential election.

This is Marina Silva's biog according to Al Jazeera:
    Marina Silva, 52, is a renowned environmentalist who was born in the Amazon, the daughter of a poor rubber tapper. Despite being illiterate into her teens, she went on to earn a university degree and has since worked tirelessly to defend Brazil's rainforest.
Latin America is the place to watch.


TinyBitGreen said...

I know embarrassingly little about Latin America – could you recommend any literature / websites. Quite interested in whether these countries are operating a form of socialism - If so how does it differ from the now discredited state socialism. How does the green agenda fit into this?
I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Stuart Jeffery said...

I suggest that Derek Wall's blog is a good place to start. He has done a lot of work with Cuba and Venezeula.